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Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka honey Organic Tea 20s

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A blissful dip in a pool of calm. 

Flower power

Three incredible organic jewels: Chamomile - gorgeous flowers in every box; Vanilla - whose orchid flowers are hand pollinated; Manuka honey - from bees that thrive on Manuka flower power.

Be Bliss

Embrace the web of modern life and allow the tangles to unwind. Here is a pool of serenity. Sweet vanilla and manuka honey with deliciously supportive chamomile. Nature's most treasured botanicals woven to make every cup a moment of blissful tranquility.

Every Pukka tea uses the highest grade organic herbs. Each one blending our herbal wisdom with delicious flavours to help you lead a fairer, happier life.

Naturally caffeine free and ethically sourced 100% grown ingredients: Chamomile flower (68.5%), fennel seed (sweet and bitter fennel seed), licorice root, manuka honey flavour (3.5%), vanilla flavour (3.5%).

10% FairWild certified ingredients (licorice) by dried weight.

20% fair trade ingredients certified according to the Fair for Life Standard - licorice, sweet fennel.

Contents: Naturally caffeine free 20 herbal tea sachets.

Net weight: 32g

Made in the United Kingdom. 🇬🇧



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