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Mother Nature’s Recipes

Mum-To-Be (Pregnancy) Tea

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Pregnancy albeit, beautiful, can be a difficult journey at times.

Our Mum-to-Be Tea is carefully designed to support you throughout pregnancy.

Whether aiding morning sickness or helping you to achieve a decent nights sleep, our handcrafted, caffeine free leaf blend of lemon verbena, spearmint, whole shatavari root and sliced ginger pieces has you covered.

The gingerols in the ginger slices ease symptoms of nausea.

Shatavari root promotes hormonal balance.

Lemon verbena works to reduce symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.

Spearmint supports digestion and adds a lovely sweetness to the blend, balancing out the other strong flavours for a smooth profile.

Available in 70g and 150g.

Handcrafted to be 100% safe for pregnancy.

Vegan and gluten free.

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