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Brit Botanics

Hero Healing Balm

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Natural, Eco, Sustainable, Multi Use Healing Balm.

Hero Healing Balm, this is a real hero of a balm soothing, calming and intensively nourishing especially on very dry sensitive skin. A repairing salve for very sensitive dry skin. We call this balm Hero because that's exactly what it is.

Originally made for exceptionally dry hands at the start of the pandemic this balm has so many uses here are just some of them. *Healing extremely dry hands.

Warm the balm up in your hands and gently massage into the skin concentrating on the dry areas dont forget to breath in the warmed product from your hands for a mini spa relaxation the essential oils are calming and help to clear the mind and aid in relaxation.

*luxurious cleansing balm. Warm the balm between your hands breath in the scent by holding up to your nose and then massage onto the skin.

This product can remove even stubborn makeup.

Made in United Kingdom. 🇬🇧

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