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Folic Acid - The Pregnancy

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Maternal & pregnancy support. Immune system support. Folic acid oral spray is an essential B vitamin (B9) that is essential during conception and pregnancy but has many other health benefits. Scientifically formulated to deliver methyl folate, the most active form of folic acid, directly into the bloodstream, bypassing primary processing of the gut.

The dosage of this oral spray is customisable to support the recommended daily uptake of this essential pregnancy vitamin during conception, pregnancy and most importantly, the foetal development stages.

For use during conception or pregnancy, 400μg daily.

For regular use for adults, we recommend between 200μg & 400μg daily.

Suitable for vegans. No artificial colours. Non GMO and cruelty free.

Made in United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Made in the UK Premium Quality

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