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Social Good. Organic. Eco Friendly. Small Batch

About the brand
"We aim to empower you with the worlds most excellent self-improvement tools. We have hand sourced ancient health supplements & incorporated them into our formulations, utilizing Ayurveda, cutting edge technology & industry expertise. Simha Life supports you through all stages of life.

Our range has been specifically designed for today's polluted world, overloaded with endocrine (hormone) disrupters. SIMHA creations are built to help regain equilibrium in the endocrine system, balance hormones, boost cognitive functions, cultivate a positive mindset, maintain optimum physique & increased spiritual connection.

Find our Ultra Premium cold-pressed CBD Oil - grown and produced on our farm and lab in Tuscany, Italy. Formulations approved by a scientific board of doctors, pharmacists, agronomists, researchers & SICAM (the Italian Medical Hemp Society) Ayurvedic herbs range is all hand-selected by our family of generational Ayurvedic doctors in Punjab, India.

Ensuring the whole process, including the supply chain & quality control, is handled in house. Discover our ever-expanding unique artisan product list. Gautam Rammpal"

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