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Little Soap Company

Why we love Little Soap Company?

Organic. Eco Friendly.

"Our origins and base are in the picturesque North Cotswold Hills. But our heart lies in the natural beauty and outstanding quality of our products. At Little Soap Company, the only place you will find us little is in the name. We’re far from little when it comes to passion. There’s no holding us back when it comes to new ideas. We’re simply bursting at the seams with vision and ambition.

And our journey from ‘Little’? It’s been exciting, it’s been incredible, it’s been BIG. It all started with a big vision… by Emma Heathcote-James, Little Soap Company owner and founder. “What does ‘soap’ mean to you? To me, soap takes me back to memories of my Gran, who travelled extensively by boat and seemed to accumulate soaps wherever she went. Back then, soap was a bath-time staple, usually filled with natural goodness.

But at some stage, soaps ran out of favour, something I discovered when I combed the supermarket shelves to find some! The lack of availability of soap, and growth of synthetic and environmentally harmful products in plastic bottles, seemed at odds with global trends.

People wanted to be more environmentally friendly and to move away from harsh products and pollutants. I thought… surely if I’m looking for organic and natural soap, then so are others! And this is where it started. First, as a little business, dreaming and planning at the kitchen table, selling locally and small-scale. But never letting go of my big vision!"