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Natural. Handmade. Vegan. And You.

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Our vision is to be Britain's favourite online store for natural & vegan beauty and cosmetics as well as health and wellness.

Midlands Boutique is an online store and is what it says, a boutique, lovely little family owned business based in the beautiful countryside in West Midlands in the heart of England.

Championing British brands and products 

We are passionate about bringing you products that are 100% authentic, natural or organic, vegan, often made in small batches, hand made with love ❤️ proudly local, made here in UK 🇬🇧 supporting women owned businesses.

We do a lot of research to carefully select our brands and partners to bring you only the finest. You will find here products that are plastic free, palm free and cruelty free. Here at Midlands Boutique it's about the quality, not the quantity! And we care about the planet just like you! We are in this together to shape a better future. 


Small batches. Hand made. Women owned.

Midlands Boutique our brand values vegan hand made natural eco friendly no animal testing proudly local made in the UK

Great products at great prices

Midlands Boutique is bringing to you the finest eco friendly health & wellness products and all you need for shining beauty & cosmetics. Through out the year, all the seasons you can find here great products at great prices. Couldn't find what you are looking for? Simply let us know! And, we will sure do our best to source them for you!

Shop with confidence

Shop our products with us now and yes, it's the right time to live your dream life filled with beauty, style & elegance while you are sure what you buy is authentic and of the finest quality ingredients. We support women owned businesses, products that are often made in small batches, here in UK 🇬🇧 handmade with love ❤️, natural and vegan or vegetarian friendly. We only work with UK based manufacturers and suppliers and carefully pick our strategic partners, product range and collections so you can be 100% sure we do what we say and we really mean it! 

Our charity initiatives

At Midlands Boutique it’s not just about luxury, or beauty or cosmetics. It's far beyond, giving back to our community is important to us. We care for our people and their future. And, we always do our best for the next generation. 

Food donation 

Our team has donated to FareShare, UK's longest running food redistribution charity towards 1,200 meals so far. Our aim is to donate 10,000 meals by end of this year.

Planting trees 

We love our planet and want to save our forests. We plant with Forest Nation, see our forest! happy to share with you that we have planted 270 trees so far! And that number goes up by every other week. 

That's approx. 7.00 tons of CO2 absorbed, 28 tons of O2 created and 0.28 hectares of land reforested.

Forest Jan2023
Impact : from Forest Nation

Circular economy & sustainability

We care about people, our planet and animals. None of our products are tested on animals. Ever. Every product you buy from us adds up our effort in improving our supply chain, reducing carbon footprint and enhancing the economy. Needless to say more orders means more jobs and that’s good for the people and for the local economy. And we strongly encourage everyone to add your bits, so come join the eco revolution, we can together make a meaningful difference.

You will be happy to know that when you shop with us you are supporting nearly 300 jobs with our 12+ local manufacturers and suppliers, all based here in UK and another 900 jobs indirectly around the country! Here is a great opportunity for you to show your support to young people and women entrepreneurs while doing everything we can to care for our planet and our next generation 😊


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