Presenting our Mum, baby and pregnancy collection

Presenting our Mum, baby and pregnancy collection

Becoming a mum is a great thing! And it also calls for so much of care and love. Supporting the normal function of immune system, hormonal balance, maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, skin care while breast feeding and taking care of baby are all something that calls for a loving and a safe way in doing so...

Here in our finest collection of natural and vegan products you will see the best ones for taking care of yourself and your new born baby! 

Little Warriors Skin Balm for Face and Body by Sintra Naturals

100% Pure Un Fragranced blend of Shea butter and Camellia seed oil.

Shea butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba wax and Camellia seed oil are the holy trinity for your childrens skin. Massage the balm onto slightly damp skin after a bath.

Little Warriors Diaper Balm by Sintra Naturals

Gentle unscented protective balm with Non Nano Zinc oxide.

90% organic ingredients.

Soothes diaper rash and irritated skin.

Mum to be Pregnancy Tea by Mother Nature's Recipes

Pregnancy albeit, beautiful, can be a difficult journey at times.

Our Mum-to-Be Tea is carefully designed to support you throughout pregnancy.

Whether aiding morning sickness or helping you to achieve a decent nights sleep, our handcrafted, caffeine free leaf blend of lemon verbena, spearmint, whole shatavari root and sliced ginger pieces has you covered.

Presenting our Mum, baby and pregnancy collection


Post natal boost Postpartum Tea by Mother Nature's Recipes

Postnatal Boost (Postpartum Tea) contains essential vitamins and minerals to lift and support your bodies as well as promote healing, hormonal balance and the reduction of stress.

Tummy Ease Colic Indigestion Tea by Mother Nature's Recipes

Trapped wind, bloating and colic are all symptoms that make for restless little ones and long sleepless nights!

Tummy Ease blend is caffeine free and works to gently alleviate such symptoms in both babies and adults.

Folic Acid The Pregnancy Oral Spray by Vitamist

Maternal & pregnancy support. Immune system support. Folic acid oral spray is an essential B vitamin (B9) that is essential during conception and pregnancy but has many other health benefits. Scientifically formulated to deliver methyl folate, the most active form of folic acid, directly into the bloodstream, bypassing primary processing of the gut.

Macadamia & Shea Butter Elastic Skin Body Butter by The Real Stuff Organic Skincare

Packed with omega 3, 6 and 9, antioxidants and vitamins, this Edible Elastic Skin Body Butter promotes skin strength and elasticity, helping prevent stretch marks and itchy tummies as your bump grows and supporting your skin as it bounces back after the baby has arrived.

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